Club Permits

The VicRoads Club Permit Scheme (CPS) allows members of AROCA to make limited use of historic vehicles on the road network. The club has appointed a Club Permit Officer (CPO) as administrator for the scheme and he will process club permit applications and renewals.

A Road Worthy Certificate is required for all new applications to VicRoads.

Members now need to provide us with the following before we can sign-off on a Club Permit Application Form.

  1. The new Club Permit Application form (original to be supplied to the club).
  2. The Vehicle Eligibility form (original to be supplied to the club)
  3. The original or a copy of a valid Road Worthy Certificate
  4. Dated photographs of the vehicle, this will include, Front, Driver's side, Rear, Driving position (driver's side with driver's door open) and VIN/Chassis number (if possible).

The club permit application form and vehicle eligibility form must be downloaded from the VicRoads website – click here for the page.


NB: Due to a significant volume of queries, we can no longer provide assistance over the telephone.

Email correspondence to: (max 7 day turnaround)

Or Contact Ivan Ciardullo on 0412 386 195

Paper correspondence to: CPS Applications, PO Box 7076, Banyule VIC. 3084 (max 7 day turnaround)

VicRoads will only process paper forms with original signatures – therefore we cannot process application or renewal forms electronically by email. Please follow the instructions below to send the original forms with a stamped return envelope.

Roadworthy Certificates

A Roadworthy Certificate can be obtained from any VicRoads Licenced Roadworthy Tester. To access the VicRoads list of RWC Testers Click Here.

New Permit Applications

The procedures regarding how to apply for, or renew, Club Plates have changed.

 1. Applicants must be a current Club member and able to prove ownership of the vehicle.

2. Obtain a Roadworthy Certificate from an authorised tester.

3. Complete the Club Permit Application Form and Vehicle Eligibility Form (forms can be downloaded from the VicRoads website).

4. Select the 45 or 90 day option.

5. Provide a stamped self-addressed envelope.

6. Take digital colour photos (not hard copies) of the car showing front, rear, driver's side, and with the driver's door open. For convertibles, also take one photo with the roof off .

7. Send Roadworthy Certificate, proof of ownership, completed VicRoads forms and the stamped self-addressed envelope to "CPS, PO Box 7076, Banyule Vic 3084".

8. Email the digital photos to "" advising the permit application is in the mail.

9. The signed forms will be returned to you in the stamped, self-addressed envelope.

10. Take the forms and payment to VicRoads who will then issue you with your new Club Plate

On receipt of your new CPS plates please notify AROCA of your new registration number via email

Permit Renewals

There are three ways to renew your CPS registration.

The easiest way to renew is online, as follows:

1. Go on the Vic Roads website and open an account;

2. Once your account is open that will automatically pick up any fully registered vehicles in your name, but it may not pick up the Club Plated vehicles;

3. If your Club Plated vehicle is not picked up, manually add your club plated vehicle to your account. It usually takes Vic Roads 24 hours to add it to your account;

4. Once your club plated vehicle is added to your account, get your Club Plate Renewal form signed by an authorised AROCA Office Bearer at a club meeting, in person or by posting Club Plate Renewal Form to the CPS officer. * If you're unable to have your renewal notice signed in person by the club office bearer, you can have the CPS Officer, Ivan Ciardullo, complete and sign a Club Permit endorsement form [PDF 55 Kb]. You will need to email him.

You need to prove that you are a financial member of the Club when you present the Renewal form signed. This can be done by presenting a current AROCA (Vic) membership Card.

5. Once you have the signed CPS renewal Form, go into your Vic Roads account and next to the club plated registration there should be a "Pay" button. Click on that and you will then be asked to upload the Club Endorsement Form (Signed Rego renewal form) you can then pay your club registration by following the instructions on the website. Once this is all completed, the next day VicRoads will email you a Club Permit renewal receipt. Place new CPS sticker on your car window.

Renewing in Person

You are welcome to attend the Club meeting, which occurs every second Wednesday of each month, and seek out the CPS officer for his signature, but be sure to have your current Club Membership card with you to prove you are a financial member. If the CPS officer is not in attendance, there will be someone else present from the Club's Committee who will be authorised to sign your renewal form.

If you can't get to a Club Meeting, you can make an appointment to get your renewal form signed by contacting either Sebastian Mauceri at Mauceri Motors in Clayton (phone 95436466) or Bruno Collautti at Maranello Pur Sang Motors in Brunswick (phone 9386 9650). They are registered CPS office bearers for renewals only.

Renewing by Mail

  1. Applicants must be a current Club member and still the registered owner of the vehicle.
  2. On receipt of your CPS Registration Renewal from VicRoads, sign where required.
  3. Send renewal form with a stamped, self-addressed, envelope to:
     "CPS, PO Box 7076 Banyule Vic 3084".
  4. The CPS Officer will check the membership records and then return the signed renewal form to you if you are a current financial member.
  5. Upon receipt of the signed renewal form, take the signed renewal form and payment to VicRoads Office or use this signed form to complete the payment online at the VicRoads website.

Permit Validity

If you allow your AROCA membership to lapse, you will then be driving an unregistered vehicle.

AROCA is required to notify VicRoads of any AROCA member using a club permit who becomes un-financial. If you have a club permit it is important that you pay your membership fees or your vehicle will be deemed unregistered and illegal to operate on the road.

It is also a requirement of the scheme that AROCA notifies VicRoads of any misuse of CPS log books and/or CPS registered vehicles.

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