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The Giulietta (Tipo 940)

In 2010 the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Tipo 940) was launched in the mid-size C segment.

To take on this challenge Alfa Romeo built an all-new car that sits on an all-new Compact platform. This employed a combination of advanced engineering and sophisticated technical solutions to ensure the Giulietta can accommodate the needs of all customers in this category. The result was a model that combined impeccable safety credentials, Italian style, comfort and functionality with the dynamic qualities taken for granted in Alfa Romeos.

A number of versions of the Giulietta have been launched.

Originally there was a base model 1.4l, along with the Progression & Distinctive 1.4l MultiAir (retrospectively referred to as Series 0). The later "Series 1" Giuliettas, dropped the base model and changed the model names to Sprint, Super and QV-Line. These were all 1.4l MultiAir but with differing levels of appointment.

The range topping 1.75l was originally called the Quadrifoglio Verde (QV), but later versions were named the Veloce – to avoid confusion with the Giulia Quadrifoglio. The engines in the early QVs used iron blocks, but the later ones used the all aluminium engine from the 4C.

The Giulietta is due to be withdrawn from the market in Australia in 2021.

The MiTo

The MiTo (Type 955) was a front-wheel drive, three-door supermini designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and presented in 2008. It was available from 2009 in Australia and withdrawn from the local market in 2014. While popular in some markets, it was not as popular in Australia due to pricing and option list available. Variations available were the Base, Sport, Distinctive and QV models.

The MiTo name was formed from a contraction of the names of the two towns: Milano & Torino.

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