AROCA is one of the most active car clubs in Victoria, conducting The Alfa Romeo Owners Club Sprint Series over 8 Rounds at Sandown International Raceway (Melbourne), Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Broadford Raceway, and Winton Raceway (Benalla) as well as the Alfa Club Team Relay at Winton Raceway.

Member participation in sprints and other competition events is welcomed as a means of entering open competition. New members who have not competed previously are encouraged to use sprint events as the ideal way to improve their driving skills in a controlled and low pressure supervised environment.

The Alfa Club Team Relay held in October is a team based regularity relay event open to teams from car clubs of 4 to 6 drivers. Each driver nominates a time which the driver must not go under; or the lap will not count. For every lap which the driver completes over the nominated time, the team scores a lap and for every lap done within one second of the driver's time a bonus lap is awarded. The winning team is the team whose lap totals are closest to their possible total and is calculated based on each driver's nominated time compared to actual running time, and is then doubled to take into account bonus laps. Therefore the winner is the team that is most consistent rather than the fastest.

Motorkhanas are non-speed events in which competitors compete against the clock in a series of tests around witches' hats. These events are a great way of learning and testing a driver's car control skills with little risk of damage to the car. For new drivers motorkhanas offer the best possible environment for learning car control.

The Club runs events under the auspices of MotorSport Australia (formerly CAMS) and Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA), the two bodies that control motor sport in Australia.

Driver Training

The Club runs a day of racecraft and driver training at the Broadford Raceway. During the racecraft training sessions drivers are supervised by experienced instructors to learn cornering lines, braking and gear shifting skills.

General driver training is also run under the watchful eye of experienced instructors and participants are put through a series of tests aimed at teaching car control during braking and swerving manoeuvres and accident avoidance skills.

Junior learner drivers are accompanied by a licensed parent during practical sessions have proven to provide life saving experience in car control and accident avoidance skills in a safe and supervised environment.


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